Colin McCahon

Colin McCahon outside his residence at 10 Partridge St in Arch Hill.

Colin McCahon outside his residence at 10 Partridge St in Arch Hill. 1968

Colin McCahon 1919 - 1987

In 2014 the NZ Herald named Colin McCahon as the New Zealander for the year 1954. 

In nominating the top 20 New Zealanders of the 20th century the NZ Herald said he “captured the essence of who we are a New Zealanders, one of the most innovative and important painters of religious art in modern times, profoundly influenced by taha Maori”. 

The McCahon House project provides a context for interest in McCahon which is quite different from anything which is currently available, because it is grounded in the actual circumstances of where and how he lived, it provides a point of entry and identification for a wider audience, including those who might find McCahon’s paintings challenging or unfamiliar. 

McCahon was a gifted teacher who made an important contribution to the lives of many New Zealand artists through classes at the Auckland Art Gallery during the 1950s and later at the Elam School of Fine Arts. He was an admired and respected mentor to many of the young and emerging artists of that time. It is only fitting that this project not only recognises McCahon and his work but also offers an opportunity for other artists to develop their careers through a fully supported residency programme.

A full biography can be read on the Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

A comprehensive online catalogue of his works is managed by The Colin McCahon Research and Publication Trust 

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Colin McCahon's Letters

Letter from Colin McCahon to Rita Angus from Rita: Seven Poems by Colin McCahon

Letter from Colin McCahon to Rita Angus from Rita: Seven Poems by Colin McCahon 

The House Museum displays copies of many of Colin McCahon's  letters to fellow artists and friends. The Trust is in the process of making these available to view on this website. Please subscribe to our newsletter for news on web updates.