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McCahon, Colin John 1919–1987

Artist, art gallery worker, university lecturer
This biography was written by Gordon H. Brown and was first published in theDictionary of New Zealand BiographyVolume 5, 2000

source: Te Ara, Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Colin McCahon Biography

Text originally published in Tai Awatea, Te Papa's onfloor multimedia database.

Source: Te Papa Tongarewa, Museum of New Zealand


Colin McCahonThe Luminary

Story by Paul Stanley Ward

“McCahon was the artist who gave New Zealand a powerful visual identity and for that he is revered in his homeland. That he went further, to explore and communicate through the medium of painting the universal questions and concerns of humanity, is why we, in other parts of the world, must recognise him as a great modern Master.”
- Stedelijk Museum director and veteran director of the Venice Biennale, Rudi Fuchs, Colin McCahon: A Question of Faith, 2002

Source:  NZEdge Legends 

TVNZ Study Guide - Documentary Colin McCahon:I Am

Director: Paul Swadel

The documentary Colin McCahon: I AM traces the life of artist Colin McCahon, examining the New Zealand cultural context that influenced and inspired his work and his artistic development. The documentary begins with a bleak narration from the Old Testament, Book of Ecclesiastes, accompanied by an image of what is thought to be McCahon’s final work, I Considered All the Acts of Oppression. The documentary returns to this painting and continues its narration from the Book of Ecclesiastes at the end of the film.

Art New Zealand article Colin McCahon A Basis for Understanding Gordon H. Brown 
Originally published in Art New Zealand 8 November/December/January 1977-8