Jess Johnson

Year of Residency: January - March 2019

Jess Johnson was born in Tauranga and in 2016 she relocated permanently to New York after twelve years of living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Her drawing and installation practice is influenced by the speculative intersections between language, science fiction, culture and technology. In her drawings she depicts complex worlds that combine densely layered patterns, objects and figures within architectural settings. Johnson’s drawings are often displayed within constructed environments that act as physical portals into her speculative worlds. Jess Johnson’s work has been exhibited throughout New Zealand and internationally where she has participated in solo and group exhibitions at; Jack Hanley Gallery, New York; Art Basel, Hong Kong; Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh; National Gallery of Victoria, Australia; Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia; and Christchurch Art Gallery, New Zealand. Her recent video collaborations with Simon Ward, Whol Why Wurld (2017), is nominated as one of the finalists for the prestigious 2018 Walters Prize Award.