Gavin Hipkins


Year of Residency: December 2007 - February 2008

The fourth resident, photographer Gavin Hipkins, arrived from Wellington at the end of November with his young family and spent Christmas in the bush. Gavin was the first residency artist with children to stay at the Otitori Road studio and house, making the early decision to build two bedrooms rather than one, a very good one.During his residency Gavin worked on a series of superimposed images, printed onto canvas, exploring the notion of adventure and drama, as depicted in Empire and Commonwealth children’s annuals from the 1950s, juxtaposed with present day ‘patch’ imagery.

His post residency exhibition, titled Second Empire, was held in the large gallery at Lopdell House from 14 February – 13 April 2008 and was very successful. In February, Gavin gave an artist’s talk in the gallery; a studio tour to a summer class; and held a ‘master class’ session for photography students.

Gavin also worked on a series of photographic prints combining images of Whatipu on the West Coast with large buttons titled, New Age (Whatipu), 2008. Produced for the McCahon House Trust, the edition sold out quickly.


Artist statement

'The McCahon House Residency is a professionally organised world-class residency, and in just a few years, it has become a highly sought after opportunity for New Zealand-based and New Zealand affiliated artists. I am increasingly conscious of its expanding Australasian presence and reputation for contemporary artists, and I am proud to be part of its alumni.'


Since the Residency

In 2010 Gavin’s 80-part photography work The Homely featured in the exhibition Unnerved: The New Zealand Project at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.


Gavin Hipkins lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand where he is Senior Lecturer and Associate Head of School at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland.



Latest work

Updated February 2017

Latest project by the artist - New World (video) 2016. Part of a group show - "This is not film making, Artist works for cinema"Funded by Circuit. 


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Filmed during the opening weekend program of 'Unnerved: The New Zealand Project'
1 May -- 4 July 2010 | Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Brisbane, Australia |
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