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Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Art Gallery OPENING EVENT

After two years of construction, and many more years planning, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery will open their new building on the morning of Saturday 1 November. Starting with an official public ceremony, there will be a day of special events throughout the Lopdell Precinct and further activities across the weekend.


James Robinson Exhibits at Sanderson Gallery Herne Bay

McCahon House Artist Resident Alumni James Robinson is currently exhibiting work at the Sanderson Gallery in Herne Bay - until July 6th. For more details please look at the Sanderson Gallery website


Rohan Wealleans in ArtNews

Rohan Wealleans was featured in the 2013 Autumn issue of Art News, both on the cover and with an article about his studio practice.      "Auckland artist Rohan Wealleans caps off a highly successful decade with a large show about wizards in Wellington, and a provocative collaboration with British artist Sarah Lucas in London." Read the full article in Art News.


Kauri and Art Seminar

Kauri Dieback Sadly two dead kauri at the McCahon House were felled on Tuesday 29 January. These were some of the same trees which inspired the artist Colin McCahon throughout the 1950s while he lived at the cottage. He produced over 50 works with kauri in the title. Unfortunately kauri dieback disease has spread throughout the property and many of these trees are in serious decline.... Read more


McCahon House Artists in Residence for 2012

Photographer Ben Cauchi moved into the residence on Sunday 30 October 2011 for his three month summer residency. His work is created by a wet collodian process on glass or metal in a process dating back to the 19th century. A temporary darkroom has been set up in the studio as timing is crucial in this process.   Sadly, Ben and Ang Lane's (Ben's wife) cat Arthur, became ill and died... Read more



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