Ruth Buchanan residency editions

Ruth Buchanan has created a series of seven works Sensitive Fingertips I - VII. The digital photographs depict an assemblage of research materials and created objects generated in response. The name Sensitive Fingertips relates to a reference found during her research in a NZ Herald (1954) -“ Tall, gentle Mrs. Ilse von Randow has developed such sensitive fingertips that in China she learnt... Read more


Headland Sculpture on the Gulf

Auckland Council is currently negotiating to permanently place Headland Sculpture on the Gulf installation by Regan Gentry   on Waiheke .   Read full story on the Stuff website


Kathy Barry exhibited at Bowen Gallery

Kathy Barry exhibited her pencil drawings and watercolours at Bowen Galleries in Wellington. The Trust has editions of her pencil drawings available for purchase


Kauri and Art Seminar

Kauri Dieback Sadly two dead kauri at the McCahon House were felled on Tuesday 29 January. These were some of the same trees which inspired the artist Colin McCahon throughout the 1950s while he lived at the cottage. He produced over 50 works with kauri in the title. Unfortunately kauri dieback disease has spread throughout the property and many of these trees are in serious decline.... Read more


McCahon House Artist in Residence Kathy Barry

Painter Kathy Barry was the 19th Artist in Residence (18 February -26 May 2012).   Over the last few years she has been evolving two modes of practice that employ the formal language of geometric abstraction - firstly a series of work that occupy a space in between the disciplines of painting and drawing developing a series of works-on-paper and, more recently, a series of pencil drawings... Read more


McCahon House Artists in Residence for 2012

Photographer Ben Cauchi moved into the residence on Sunday 30 October 2011 for his three month summer residency. His work is created by a wet collodian process on glass or metal in a process dating back to the 19th century. A temporary darkroom has been set up in the studio as timing is crucial in this process.   Sadly, Ben and Ang Lane's (Ben's wife) cat Arthur, became ill and died... Read more


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