Research material available in the house

McCahon House is requesting theses that focus on Colin McCahon, to build a research library in the house. If you would like to gift a copy please contact  Recently donated: Thesis by Martin Davis  When you next need some time to sit in a quiet timeless space to contemplate, think about coming to the small house at 67 Otitori Bay Road, the soft light and... Read more


School Holiday Programme - Observational Drawing

McCahon House will be offering a holiday programme in the July school holidays, to register your interest please contact  McCahon House Museum Wednesday 15th April 2015 Cancelled  2-4pm.  Tutor : Cynthia Smith - Art Tutor and McCahon House Trustee.   Looking for something creative to do these holidays? This workshop will... Read more


McCahon House Trust News - April 2015

Newsletter April 2015 School Holiday Programme - Observational Drawing McCahon House Museum, 67 Otitori Bay Rd, Titirangi Wednesday 15th April 2015 2-4pm Tutor : Cynthia Smith Art Tutor and McCahon House Trustee Looking for something creative to do these holidays? This workshop will focus on the context that inspired Colin McCahon’s series of paintings during... Read more


Autumn at the Cottage

The house is open every afternoon except Mondays and Tuesdays and Public Holidays. Walking into McCahon House provides a rare look inside the life of one of New Zealand’s greatest artists during one of his most prolific, creative periods. Standing in the house, listening to the stories told by McCahon and the people around him, you get a sense not just of the artist but of the era in... Read more



Exhibition at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery Daniel Malone’s conceptually-driven but wide-ranging practice has frequently been characterised by a keen engagement with context. For Titirangi Apocrypha, Malone returns to New Zealand from Poland with the productive distance of his recent travels to mine both the art practice and the subsequent art historicization of renowned artist... Read more


White Night: Daniel Malone Talks to Titirangi Apocrypha. 7.30pm

WHITE NIGHT: ARTIST TALKS at TE URU As part of White Night, Te Uru will be open extended hours from 6pm-9pm. Come along to see our current exhibitions and hear from the artists and curators who will be speaking during the evening.  6pm: A floor talk by Curators Ariane Craig-Smith and Chris McBride, who will discuss A Delicate Balance (Gallery 1) 6.30pm: Sound... Read more


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